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Total Price calculator will estimate the total price of the car(s) based on your shipping destination port and other preferences.
Note:In some cases the total price cannot be estimated.

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2000cc 20S ☆Galss Roof☆HID☆Back&Side Camera☆CD☆Intelligent Key☆L-Power slide Door☆Auto A/C☆Fog Lamp☆7 perso CBA-B30 Automatic Blue
Year : 2005
Mileage : 90,030km



Select final
Country & Port

Select final
Country & Port


2000cc 20S P selection ☆Sun Roof☆Back&Side Camera☆CD☆Auto A/C☆Fog Lamp☆7 persons DBA-B30 Automatic Silver
Year : 2006
Mileage : 89,617km



Select final
Country & Port

Select final
Country & Port


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Nissan's vehicles are known for their reliability; as a company that has been in operation for around 100 years, that experience and knowledge is put into every car made, and driving one will let you know instantly that Nissan's cars are built to last.
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