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2000cc 2.0X 4WD ☆AW☆CD☆Key Less☆Auto A/C☆Capron seats☆Roof Rail☆Fog Lamp UA-NT30 Automatic Silver
Year : 2004
Mileage : 67,633km



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Nissan X-TRAIL
The X-trail (2000 - Present) is a mid-sized SUV which has 4 doors and can comfortably sit 4-5 people. The X-Trail's All-Mode 4x4 transmission transfer case enables the driver to select between 2WD, 4WD or 4WD Lock through an electronic switch on the dashboard, which is very useful for switching between 4WD for rough off-road terrain, 2WD for typical road surfaces which provides better fuel economy, and in more extreme conditions 4WD Lock mode which helps reduce the loss of traction in slippery conditions.
If you’re looking for a decent sized vehicle with off-road capabilities, then this is the vehicle for you.
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