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Total Price calculator will estimate the total price of the car(s) based on your shipping destination port and other preferences.
Note:In some cases the total price cannot be estimated.

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Honda CR-V
2400cc 2.4ZLi ☆AW☆HID☆Back Camera☆CD☆Key Less☆Power seat☆Auto A/C☆Roof Spoiler☆Fog Lamp DBA-RE3 Automatic Silver
Year : 2007
Mileage : 155,190km



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Country & Port

Select final
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Honda CR-V
2400cc 2.4ZX HDD Navi Style 4WD ☆Sun Roof☆AW☆Back camera☆Fog Lamp☆HDD☆CD☆Leather seats☆Power seats☆Key Less DBA-RE4 Automatic Black
Year : 2008
Mileage : 130,226km



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Country & Port

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment. Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, as well as the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines.
Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, the Acura, in 1986. Honda became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001 and the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2011.
Honda is famous for its VTEC engines (Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control) which improves the performance and fuel efficiency in vehicles equipped with it.