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Import into Mozambique

Regulations, taxes and rules for importing cars into Mozambique

Although there are some stipulations set in relation to importing goods such as vehicles into the country of Mozambique, it is still not as difficult as it may seem to be. It is crucial that you take sufficient time to gather all necessary information before importing. That means all information on taxes and other related fees or expenditure should be sought immediately before bringing in a vehicle from a foreign country including Japan. Pull out your checklist and begin marking off as we go along the required documents for importing vehicles into Mozambique successfully.

These include a copy of your passport (particularly a valid passport), the original invoice of the car which will be provided to you, the bill of lading which is basically shipping information listed in the form of a receipt, a permit specifically for importing, an inspection report for non-diplomats, and a registration certificate.

Your entire process of importation can go as smoothly or as poorly as it possibly can; it's all up to you. With that being said, it is extremely important for you to abide by all rules and regulations put into place by your country in order for everything to go smoothly from purchasing to arrival. On top of that, for the sake of Road Worthiness used Japanese vehicles will need to undertake an INTERTEK inspection. In the event that the vehicle passes the INTERTEK inspection, a MOZ number will be allocated and the vehicle allowed into the country of Mozambique.

According to information on the INTERTEK website in relation to the pre-shipment inspection for vehicles to Mozambique, there is a guideline about how the inspection is planned out. After you have accurately completed a Pre-advice form (PAF - this is only for goods that appear on the positive list) and submitted it along with other necessary documents to the INTERTEK office located in Maputo, they will confirm it and set up an inspection in Japan. The INTERTEK office abroad will communicate with the exporter to send them a Request for Information (RFI) notification. The supplier is responsible for responding to this within 3 business days and sending a final invoice to the INTERTEK office abroad in order for the final certificate to be issued.

During the inspection INTERTEK would have to look over the costs and customs coding for delivery. Once the invoice is successfully sent and the evaluation process goes well, INTERTEK will then furnish a DUC (Documento Unico Certificado ) within 3 working days. For information on customs clearing costs please head over to www.alfandegas.gov.mz/pau_c87.htm. It contains a listing of rates on different vehicles in Mozambique's native language. However please be advised to check with a clearing agent before making any false estimations on posts for imported vehicles. The 17% VAT (value added tax) is not included in the total for customs taxes on imports.

Clearing agencies

KZN Clearing & Forwarding Agents

The KZN Clearing & Forwarding Agents is both a customs clearing and freight forwarding agency that began in the year of 2000. KZN specializes in the motor vehicle industry. Ever since the very beginning of the company's initiation it has grown tremendously. Having been a more personalized and quick turn-around agency they became popular amongst competitors and customers in South Africa; where they are located.
Even though KZN is based in South Africa, still they are able to provide services to other bordering countries such as Zimbabwe , Swaziland, Botswana, and of course, Mozambique. These services include those in relations to second hand vehicles imported to the clients' country.

Not to mention, along with the company's clearing and forwarding services KZN also arranges transport for delivery of motor vehicles to the selected country. The clearing offices of KZN Clearing and Forwarding Agents are stationed in the downtown area of Durban across from Old Customs and Excise place by the entrance of the Port in Durban. Their services include but are not limited to; customs clearances on cargo, cargo transport and deliveries, and import documentation services.

WorldNet Logistics

WorldNet Logistics is an international freight forwarding company with over 500 offices worldwide. With over 30,000 logistics specialists, customers are guaranteed to have fast and effective logistic services. This company also handles customs clearing, warehousing, distribution, and freight forwarding services globally. WorldNet enforces strict security surveillance which is included with duty-free and bonded warehouse centers.

Mozambique Projecto and Freight Forwarding

Another agency that manages customs clearing and other related services is the Mozambique Projecto Despachante and Freight Forwarding company. The organization was established to further improve the clearing of all types of transit for its clients regionally, internationally and locally. Their services include customs clearances, container handling and port clearances and freight services to name a few.

Mozambique Freight Services

Lastly, the Mozambique Freight services which is a part of Manica Africa Limited is also a clearing company that assists with logistics. The MFS agency provides its customers with services such as customs and borders solutions that deal with clearing of import and transit cargo, sea freight, port operations by managing containerized export and import shipments, and warehousing and distribution to minimize a long list of their services.

If you have any further inquiries about either of the agencies mentioned or any other clearing agency that you have discovered, please be advised to contact them upon importing a used Japanese vehicle.

Local Ports

Delivery of your chosen used Japanese vehicle can be made to Mozambique at any available port of your choice. On that note, carefully select the port of destination you prefer for shipment of your vehicle in order to avoid any misunderstandings. For transshipment to Mozambique there are two main ports that are used frequently by importers.

Port Maputo

Port Maputo is located in Maputo City which is the capital of Mozambique. Presently, it is a city laying on the Indian Ocean with most of its revenue being generated from the harbor. Maputo is geographically situated to the left of Maputo Bay with the bay being 95 kilometers in width. The port is open 24 hours a day and every day throughout the year. There are two main port areas at the Port of Maputo. The North Channel which is 11 meters deep and passes to the North of Portuguese Island. A great advantage is that it is marked by light buoys that help make it visible especially at night. The distance from the North Channel entrance at buoy 1N to the Pilot Station at Buoy 6 is approximately 25 miles. Moreover the Xefina, Polana and Matola Channels which are also 11 meters in depth lead into the wharves and terminals from the Pilot Station at Buoy 6. Persons importing to Mozambique would prefer to use the Port of Maputo rather than the Port of Durban because it is within the country and far more convenient in terms of expenses.

Port of Durban

Despite this, some people still prefer to import to the Port of Durban. The port is located on the east coast of southern Africa. The Durban Container terminals can handle over 2 million TEUs per year. Its entrance channel is 222 meters wide and 19 meters in depth, with the outer entrance lessening to 16.5 meters in the inner channel. Port of Durban is most definitely the busiest in all of South Africa, welcoming some of the largest vessels in the world. It is open 24 hours a day all days of the year, although some public holidays may be put into consideration.

Useful information for importers

Fortunately, in the country of Mozambique there are no age restrictions. You know what this means; even a fifteen year old can import a car successfully into Mozambique once he/she follows the rules and regulations for importing vehicles into the country. In consideration for the list of Prohibited imports posted on the INTERTEK website, there are details you should know if importing left-hand drive vehicles. Left-hand drive vehicles are not allowed to be used commercially. For example, if you intend to sell or resell to third parties, use as a taxicab or any form of transport with the overall purpose to support your income or to produce income entirely, you should not import such vehicles. Mozambicans appreciate used Japanese vehicle brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, and Isuzu to name a few.

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