WARNING: Beware of fake Real Motor Japan information.

Publised : July 18, 2023

Some scammers are going so far as to create fake facebook/website using the name and photos of our stock.

There are many versions of this general scheme, currently these scammers are targeting RealMotor Japan in several ways. Note that these examples are not exhaustive;

Scammers asking you to stop communicating directly on the RealMotor website by offering there whatsapp number or Email address.

Scammers sending you bank account details to send money to without sending or giving you official invoice from our website.


To protect yourself against any loss via these scam schemes, we are offering the following information:

Always make sure to contact us through our official website, Email and numbers (www.realmotor.jp), Email; info@realmotor.jp, Tel:+81-565-85-0602/Fax:+81-565-85-0606 WhatsApp:+81-90-8843-9068/ +81-90-3906-5223

Before payments are made, make sure all information on invoice are correct such as REAL MOTOR JAPAN bank details, consignee and notify party.