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Mercedes-Benz C-CLASS
FOB. US$1,754
Toyota MARK X
FOB. US$2,273
Toyota VITZ
FOB. US$845
FOB. US$1,007
FOB. US$2,923
FOB. US$845
Honda FIT
FOB. US$780
Toyota MARK X
FOB. US$975

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Import into Papua New Guinea

Regulations, taxes and rules for importing cars into Papua New Guinea

Used cars imported into Papua New Guinea are shipped to the maritime port of Port Moresby, Lae, Alotau, Kavieng and many more.
Unlike many other countries Papua New Guinea has no age limit on used vehicles. Any used vehicle can be imported.
Used cars imported to Papua New Guinea do not require any Road Worthiness Inspection.


Import Taxation for used cars imported to Papua New Guinea can be broken down into 2 main categories; vehicles for personal use and commercial vehicles.

For all vehicles for personal use with the engine capacity smaller than 2700cc:
Import duty 60% GST 10%

For all vehicles for personal use with the engine capacity bigger than 2700cc:
Import duty 110% GST 10%

For buses, vans, passenger vans (commercial units with seating capacity over 10 seats including driver seat):
Import duty 10% GST 10%

For Double Cabs (commercial units with seating capacity under 10 seats)
Import Duty 40%  GST 10% OBL must show chassis & engine numbers, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand and model. Vehicles cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of for 15 months after importation.

Required Documents:

Certificate of Title and Registration - original
Commercial/Purchase Invoice – original
Driver's License & International Insurance Policy
Customs Declaration
OBL (Original Bill of Landing)

Car trends in Papua New Guinea

In PNG growth in the vehicle industry has been steady within the small passenger car segment, which is the largest category in the market. Both the medium and large passenger car segments had big declines last year in sales. The small, medium and large SUV segments all recorded increases.
In general there is a slow increase expected for this year's sales.

The used car market has presented an increased sales percentage; more people are interested in importing cars after buying them online from second hand services, mainly from Japan.

Toyota, with more than 15% of market share in 2014, continues to dominate the car industry. Holden follows in second place with a more than 8% market share. Hyundai and Mazda are in third place with a low percentage.

Top 5 list of most popular cars in PNG:
Nissan Bluebird
Toyota Camry
Toyota Hilux Surf
Toyota Vista
Nissan Cefiro


Car sales in the Papuan region are difficult to analyze since the sales represent small numbers. Sales have not presented any important growth in the last few years and this is not expected to change in the near future.

Clearing Agencies

If you are importing a car into PNG for the first time there are several online services that will help you with the clearance and delivery of your vehicle.

One of these online agencies is www.picknbuy24.com; they provide a door to door service when you purchase a vehicle with them. Clearing agents can organize local transportation from your port of choice to your home. You can contact preferred clearing agents in Port Moresby.

These agencies are very useful since they can take care of the importing procedure, the clearance of all import taxes and documents, the shipping and the delivery from the port to your home, and in some cases they can also help you with the registration once your vehicle has arrived in PNG.

Other companies that can help you with importing procedures, clearance agents and delivery services are:

Inchcape Shipping Services Ltd

Level 5, Mogoru Moto Building Champion Parade Port Moresby PO Box 922, Port Moresby
TEL + 675 321 2599
FAX + 675 321 2297
E-mail port.moresby@iss-shipping.com.pg

Ocean Freight Customs & Logistic Services Limited

TEL + 675 736 21330
FAX + 675 729 46807
E-mail mkobua_ofcls@datec.net.pg

Local Ports

Papua New Guinea Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) operates 16 large ports, 14 of which support both foreign and coastal shipping. Lae is the largest port, followed by Port Moresby.
6 out of those 16 ports are able to host significant emergency operations: Buka, Kieta, Lae, Madang, Port Moresby and Rabaul.
The remaining 10 have sufficient infrastructures acting as intermediate operational hubs: Aitape, Alotau, Daru, Kavieng, Kimbe, Lorengau, Oro Bay, Samarai, Wewak, and Vanimo. Nevertheless, their equipment is good but basic and in limited quantities.

Lae Port

From a general point of view, Lae is the biggest port of the country in terms of volume of operations. It is also the one that has the best internal organization, mainly relying on international operators with strong capacities.

Lae Port is the county's largest and busiest port, located in the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. Lae is the second largest city and the capital of the province. This port has 12,600sq.m. of under cover storage and 39,000sq.m. of open storage.

Port Moresby

Port Moresby lies on the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and overlooks the Fairfax Harbour. Port Moresby is the capital city, the centre of Commerce and houses the Parliament House.

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