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FOB. US$5,397
Honda CR-V
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Lexus LX
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Toyota HIACE
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Subaru levorg
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Toyota VITZ
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Toyota VITZ
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Import into Tanzania

Regulations, taxes and rules for importing cars into Tanzania

In Tanzania, there is no limit for how old an imported vehicle can be. However, any vehicle older than 10 years will have higher taxes charged. So it is highly recommended to purchase a vehicle less than 10 years old.

There is an import declaration fee that must be paid. The calculation is FOB price (Free on Board) × 1.12 + $10 USD × number of units. All non-commercial vehicles will also have a VAT (Value Added Tax) of 18% and import duty tax of 25%. The excise duty tax is determined by the engine capacity of the vehicle.

For a simple way to determine the taxes for a certain vehicle to be imported, please use the calculator at the following link.
All vehicles imported to Tanzania from Japan must pass an inspection performed by the JAAI (Japan Automobile Appraisal Institute). The JAAI is a non-profit organization supervised by the Japanese government. If any vehicle fails the inspection, repairs must be made in order to pass the inspection and to receive the JAAI certificate. If a vehicle arrives in Tanzania without a JAAI certificate, penalties will be charged to the importer or owner of the vehicle.

Car trends in Tanzania

Importing cars into Tanzania is increasing in popularity. Before purchasing a vehicle, you may want to keep in mind the current car trends. Since not all of the roads are paved in Tanzania, some roads can be very rough on cars that are lower to the ground. Some roads may become impassable for such cars, especially in the rainy season.

Some people prefer SUVs for driving on these roads. Others prefer hatchbacks to SUVs because of their lower fuel cost. Many younger people choose the Toyota Vitz for its lower cost and fuel efficiency. In general, Toyota vehicles are the most popular.
The Spacio, Rav4 and Land Cruiser are all common picks. Many people prefer to buy Toyota since finding parts when there is an issue with the car are easy to find. However, Honda vehicles are growing in popularity. Some opt for the CR-V or Fit.

Clearing Agencies

Another thing to consider is the hiring of a clearing agent. As mentioned before, they will handle all of your paperwork when the vehicle arrives at the port. Many people find it easier working through a clearing agent, especially if they live far from the port city.
When your vehicle arrives, the clearing agent will inform you and then you will need to travel to them to collect the vehicle. They also assist in obtaining a license number for the vehicle. However, some prefer to be more in control and handle everything themselves without the use of a clearing agent.

Local Ports

Dar es Salaam Port

The most popular port to use for importing into Tanzania is the Dar es Salaam Port.
The Port of Dar es Salaam is 2 kilometers in length with a container of 540 meters in length.

Port of Mombasa

Those residing in the northern part of the country may choose to use the Port of Mombasa, located in Kenya. The Port of Mombasa is 273 kilometers north of the Port of Dar es Salaam. The Port of Mombasa is a bit larger with 3 kilometers in length and has five containers totaling a length of 964 meters.
Both ports have an electronic tracking system installed to track cargo.


When you arrive at the port, you will need to find the Customs Department to pay the import taxes on the vehicle. If you hire a clearing agent, they will pick up your vehicle at the port and handle all of the documents and payment of taxes for you. For your convenience, the Customs department is open seven days a week from 7am to 6pm.

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